Western Field Studies

Day 1 - June 22, 1996

Today's journal is written by Casey McIntosh:

This morning I had to wake up at 4:30 and I was doubting weather or not this trip was worth it. My feelings of annoyance were replaced by feelings of excitement once we reached the bus. My family and I said our goodbyes and the 25th trip was off. On the seating arrangement I got stuck with the same person twice, so I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Awhile ago an innocent game of toss turned into "lets see how hard we can throw a beach ball at somebody's head". It made for an eventful bus ride and gave me a feeling of the kind of people that I'm with. To see people smiling as they tried to inflict pain on others was disturbing. Even those who served to mediate the situation found themselves overwhelmed by the temptation of the game. Oh well. Already I can see by the contents of today's lunch (candy, beef jerky, and Gatoraide) that my diet is going to be anything but balanced. Oh well, I guess thats what they call "roughing it". Despite my complaints I am looking forward to this trip as being a fun, educational, social and memorable experience.

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Snapshots From Day 1

Its Saber Sleeping Mrs. Saber takes a well earned break from driving.

Some guys playing frisbee Students enjoy a game of frisbee while on a 1 hour break at a rest area.

Casey McIntosh taking a break Casey McIntosh enjoys trip #25 as a second generation trip member. Both his parents went on the Radke Trip in the 1970's. After Radke's retirement in 1994, the trip became Western Field Studies. Casey is the first student to follow in his parent's footsteps.

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