Western Field Studies

Day 33

Today's journal is written by Mr. Steig:

Despite the wet weather of last night, everyone seemed happy and anxious to pack and head home. Mrs. Saber and I set up a couple of stoves and made pancakes for anyone who wanted them. It was a tradition started a couple years ago by Green unit and one I felt needed to be taken over by the staff. While some enjoyed pancakes, others cleaned up the leftovers from last night and the result of wind and rain. As I looked around the campsite, I didn't think we'd make our planned departure of 8:00 am but as that time neared, things were in pretty good shape. If Mike and Brian hadn't gotten the aerobie stuck in the tree one last time, we would have left on time for sure. With a rope tied around a rock hammer, Mike Makowka in the tree with the broom, and a distracting puddle of maple syrup, we managed to rescue the flying disc and soon after bolted out of Yellowstone Lake. Through the back roads and onto Hwy 11, I thought back on the events of trip 25. The details of previous weeks seem so vivid. The constant motion through the west made little packets of memories and each one with a special reference point. We did some great things, and at other times maybe we didn't do enough. It's hard to get up an leave a place like Glacier, or Banff, or Rocky Mountain. But the excitement of a new place would always ease the departure. I'm sure everyone had their favorites and will someday get the chance to return. On our way home we stopped in Janesville where I had grown up and gone to school. I made a quick stop to see my Mom and she was amazed to see the big yellow bus parked in front of her house. We needed a potty break but this was no place for a group of 32 so we stopped again at a truck stop before continuing on to Racine. When we came over the hill on Hwy 20, I could see the patch of cars in the Case High parking lot, and the parents with balloons and welcome home signs. Trip 25 was over. Our family of 33 days would separate and go back to everyday life. It was a great ride. Thanks for coming along. See Ya!

Snapshots From Day 33

The group returns home to Racine, WI.

Parents and kids mingle in the Case High School parking lot.

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