Western Field Studies

Day 6

Today's journal is written by Brian Geisler:

Today was pretty fun except for the fact that there were no Snackwells breakfast bars this morning, so I was very upset. Today we were going to Mesa Verde with a quick stop in Durango. Actually it was a 2 1/2 hour stop. I got a cool stuff sack pillow and some shorts. The total came up to $30.57 so I didn't have to break out the credit card. It's been raining for a while now so I think I'm gonna be sick. So Junior Ranger Brian Geisler signing off.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.

Snapshots From Day 6

Red unit is busy packing up the bus while at the campground at Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The campground at Mesa Verde National Park. Most everyone enjoys this camp due to the fact that it is the group's first shower stop.

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