Western Field Studies

Day 25

Today's journal is written by Jessica Steig:

Today we left Snowbank campground and then we got into Yellowstone. We went to Mammoth Hot Springs and I signed up for a cool Junior Ranger Program. After the Hot Springs, we went to Old Faithful. It was cool there. I went to a Ranger program called How Geysers Work. It was really cool. We saw the geyser shooting up high into the sky. After Old Faithful we went to our campground in Grand Teton. It was raining so we went to the Visitor's Center and gift shop. When we got back to the campsite, we set up our tents and got ready to go take showers. I went to another Ranger program called Bighorn Sheep instead. I thought it would last half an hour but it actually lasted an hour and a half. Then my Dad and I went to call my Mom. When we got back to the bus to get our shower things everyone else was done and ready to go. We told them to go ahead and we would walk back but they stayed there 25 minutes while we took a shower. I was a little mad because I wanted to walk back. We got back to camp and it was 9:45 already! So people got on their tarps and went to bed. GOOD NIGHT.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.
Additional Note: Once again we apologize for the lag in our updates. We are finding that high technology, roughing it, and a stingy National Park policy make it difficult to modify and make connections on a regular basis. Thanks for sticking with us despite these delays. Galen and Luke.

Snapshots From Day 25

Jessica Murphy gives her report on human environmental impact. All of the reports today were on the bus due to the rain outside.

Peter Toll gives his report the Grand Tetons.

Mike Makowka gives his report on Yellowstone. (somebody forgot to get a pic of Mike when he was actually giving his report, so we snapped this shot of him reading from the days paper!)

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