Western Field Studies

Day 8

Today's journal is written by Jeff Elliott:

Woke up! Hah! NO MORE DUTY UNIT! I was taking a picture of this rocky outcropping in the mourning, right when the sky was pinkish-orange. It was so beautiful that I wanted to get closer (in order to get some mobile home out of the way), but some little dog ran up to the fence and started barkin' at me. I didn't even see the thing till it started barking, so I took the picture, went back to camp, took a shower, and packed up all my stuff. We got on the bus and went. On the way we stopped at some Indian junk stores. I wanted to buy a few things but couldn't because they were way too expensive. Instead I bought a bumper sticker that said "A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. That seems to be my motto for this trip. Then we were on the road again. We stopped for lunch and Steig bought us all McDonalds! Oh well, I guess if someone buys it for me with their money, I can eat fast food on the trip. Then we hit the road and got to Sunset Crater. We plopped all our stuff down and our little hiking group (Sarah, Me, Lee, Troy, John+Kori, and Luke) went to Lenox Crater and ran down into it. We were not very smart though, we didn't bring any water with us. Then we came back to camp and basically sat around all day. While I was relaxing in Lee's hammock, Keri and Erin came up to me and asked "are you gonna cook some mac-n-cheese?" So I said that "I was relaxing". Then Erin said "well we're kind of hungry now". I almost flipped. I couldn't believe that they practically ordered me to cook for them. I didn't of course, and later we talked about it. They both apologized for sounding pushy. I was still pretty ticked off though. I ended up eating Ravioli and french bread for supper. It turns out that when 9:30 or so rolled around, Mike Jordan, Jessica Murphy, and Chris Rodriquez were about 45 minutes late from when they were supposed to be back. I offered to help look for them if we sent out a search party, but we didn't need one. I figured out along with Mr. Steig that Mrs. Saber seems to be the one that everyone bitches to about things. Well anyways, Lee let me sleep in his hammock and it was pretty comfy.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.

Snapshots From Day 8

Picture of the Group On the way to Sunset Crater National Monument, the group stopped at Petrified Forrest National Park. The group lined up, and Mrs. Saber and Mr. Steig took about 20 different pictures with everyone's camera!

Campsite at Sunset Crater A shot of the campsite at Sunset Crater National Monument.

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