Western Field Studies

Day 10

Today's journal is written by Cheryl Gillessen:

We were woken up around 4:30 by Mr. Steig. Most of us had gotten our stuff together the night before so we basically grabbed our stuff and jumped on the bus. Mrs. Saber drove Mr. Steig and all of us that planned to hike that day to the beginning of the South Kaibab trail. We set off down the trail around 5:30. Everyone had different distances they planned on going. Some people turned around at the one and one half mile water stop. The rest of us continued on. The sunrise in the Grand Canyon was gorgeous. I got down to the Colorado River around 8:00. Many of us stopped and waded in and ate some food we had packed. Then we picked up the Bright Angel trail and started heading back up. Some people were far ahead of me all ready. As I walked up I not only walked with people from our group but people I met along the way. Everyone was very nice. The earliest group got out around 1:10 and the latest not till around 7. The group I was with got out around 4:00. Towards the end of the trail I was tired and hot. When we got to the rim a bunchy of us bought ice cream. Then we walked to the shuttle which took us back to camp. The people who hadn't hiked the whole canyon had juice, soda, and watermelon waiting. I relaxed a little and then went to take a shower. Everyone was filthy: that red dust just stuck to you. Afterwards a lot of us went to the cafe (which was air conditioned) and sat and talked. I heard that a couple people got close to a rattlesnake, some more had seen a coyote and our group explained how we walked almost up to some big horn sheep. Many people had put on the shirt that we got for hiking the canyon that said, "I've hiked the canyon (in one day)". When I got back to camp I got ready for bed and stretched out on my sleeping bag. Mrs. Saber came around and gave us the good news that tomorrow we would be sleeping in until 8:00. I fell asleep tired but happy. Some of us had an easier/rougher time hiking than others but I think all of us were glad we did it.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.

Snapshots From Day 10

Sorry, due to our busy schedule, we were unable to capture any photographs of our stay in the Grand Canyon. Many students hiked the canyon and took pictures from the overlook areas, which they can share with you when they return home.

Additional photos (click for larger image):

The Grand Canyon at sunrise

Near Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon

Bridge over the Colorado River

The Colorado River, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Chris crossing the Colorado River

Jeff (on the ground), Pete, Brian, and Mike at Indian Garden on the Bright Angel Trail

Another from Indian Garden

On the Bright Angel Trail, just past Indian Garden

Coming up the Bright Angel Trail, looking towards Indian Garden

Another looking in the direction of Indian Garden

Yet another, almost to the top
All additional photos by Luke Pacholski
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