Western Field Studies

Day 29

Today's journal is written by Grecille Newton:

Cheryl and Megan woke us up around 6:00. Christina and I got up. It was cold out. We packed our sleeping bags and tent and brought them to the bus. Troy made hot water. Christina and I had oatmeal. Then I brushed my teeth and washed up. We then left, we were going to Devil's Tower. We drove and drove. We got to a gas station and across the street was a McDonalds. Almost everyone ate there. I had a nice sausage biscuit with an orange juice and an apple pie. I also had one of Erin's hot cakes. It was all very good. Then, Christina and I went to the bathroom at the gas station. Talk privacy. The stalls had wooden doors. Afterwards, I bought a Snickers. We got on the bus. We drove and drove some more. I fell asleep. I was sitting on the wheel. Red 7 with Megan. It was very uncomfortable. Later on, I woke up. We were heading towards another gas station. When we got there we got out to stretch and go to the bathroom, maybe even buy something. I didn't buy anything. I was stuffed. We changed seats. I sat with Luke. I think in Black 2. Now there was no stopping until Devil's Tower. I ended up falling asleep again. I woke up to people looking at Devil's Tower like it was Shockwave at Great America. we were almost there. We passed stores and stuff on the way in to the campground. We went to our campsite. It was nice and hot. We put out our tarp. Christina and I ate lunch, then Kim went with us to the stores. We shopped. Then we bought an ice cream for $2. Thats ok, it was in a waffle cone and it was good. Then we went back to the campsite. We just layed around until about 3:30. At 3:30 we went to Devil's Tower visitor center. We hiked around Devil's Tower while doing our junior ranger thing. We were also watching people climb the tower. It looked so hard but fun. After getting our Jr. Ranger certificates, we left back to our campsite. We saw a lot of Corvettes. It was pretty neat. When we got back we layed around again. We ate some of Troy's chili. It was good. Christina, Kim and I went back into town. Other people went swimming at the KOA pool. We got ice cream again. Kim bought her supper. Then we had to hurry and get back for John's presentation. We got back in time. John's presentation was on Devil's Tower, it was good. After the presentation Kim, Christina and I did sit-ups and crunches. We also put up our tent just in case it rained. We slept on the tarp. We got to sleep right away. We looked up at the stars. It was lightning out. I told myself I was not going to sleep until I saw a shooting star. Laura pointed some out. Then I got tired because it was late. So I went to sleep.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.
Additional Note: Once again we apologize for the lag in our updates. We are finding that high technology, roughing it, and a stingy National Park policy make it difficult to modify and make connections on a regular basis. Thanks for sticking with us despite these delays. Galen and Luke.

Snapshots From Day 29

Kori relaxes on her tarp while Devil's Tower looms in the background.

John gives his report on Devil's Tower.

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