Western Field Studies

Day 5

Today's journal is written by Luke Pacholski:

Today we pulled out from Leadville and hit the road to the Black Canyon. The ride seemed to take a long time because I'm too tall to fit comfortably in the bus seats and, to pass the time, I make sure Steig and Saber follow the route printed on the itinerary they gave us. Once we got there however, we had a good time. A ranger took us out to a nice vantage point and explained to us how the canyon was formed and why. Then Casey gave his presentation, telling much of the same information! After that was done, we drove down the road to 3 or 4 more stops to see the canyon. At the last stop a few people took to long, and thus missed the bus back to the visitor center where several people got their junior ranger badges (I choose not to). Brian was really mad when he found out he missed the chance to get his badge. After we finished seeing the canyon, we headed back to camp and played some frisbee. The only downside of the day was it rained on and off the whole night, making it not quite as enjoyable as it could have been.

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Snapshots From Day 4

Steig uses his driving break to update the web page before the next upload.

After listening to the ranger give her presentation on the Black Canyon, Casey decides it would be a good time to do his.

Additional photos (click for larger image):

The gang at Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The canyon

Laura, Lee, Kori, John, Sarah (back row), Mike, and Jeff (front row) at Black Canyon

Sarah and Lee setting up at Black Canyon
All additional photos by Luke Pacholski
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