Western Field Studies

Day 24

Today's journal is written by Mike Makowka:

I woke up in the greatest of moods today. Peter and I have decided that if we could stay on this trip for a longer time we would, but we would want to be with our families for a little bit before we continued. We left the "mosquitoe heaven" campground and went to our mail stop. My family sent me lots of goodies this time and some money also. I received so much candy that I think I will be bringing a lot of it home. We played at the park and had a water fight. Chris and I ended up dunking each other in the wading pool. The water was so cold and I ended up sitting with Chris on the bus and laughing about it for hours. We arrived at a campground very secluded from the rest of Montana. It's great, there's a river right behind our campsite and it feels like we are in some kind of enchanted forest. A group of us played hackey sack for awhile until we all got hungry. I can't wait to stay up all night and eat my junk food just before I fall to the sound of the river behind me.

Note: Journal entries and snapshots will be updated one day after they occur.
Additional Note: Once again we apologize for the lag in our updates. We are finding that high technology, roughing it, and a stingy National Park policy make it difficult to modify and make connections on a regular basis. Thanks for sticking with us despite these delays. Galen and Luke.

Snapshots From Day 24

Everyone crowds around waiting for packages soon after the mail stop.

Mr. and Mrs. Saber distribute the new mail to the group at a local park.

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