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These are albums with only interview material, put out by some small-time companies who for some reason had rights to use these interview recordings. I know there are more of these, so send them my way. One bit of interview also appears on a flexi-disc issued with the Rock Generation book, which has ended up another page.

And if you like Zappa interviews, do check out Eric Martin's Zappa interview web page.

Part of a lecture by Zappa also appears on the Zappa tribute CD that came with the Italian magazine Sonora #4 [external link].

Incredibly Frank (Black & White Picture Disc)
Frank Zappa on Compact Disc / The Interview

Unique material: A 1970 interview with Zappa 
Total time: 48:12

LP Version (Incredibly Frank)

[Side] 1. 13-Sep-1970 Interview, part 1 [23:54]

[Side] 2. 13-Sep-1970 Interview, part 2 [24:18]

Side 1 has a well-known publicity picture of Zappa pointing his Gibson SG towards the camera, with the Mothers in the background. Side 2 has the "Young Frank" picture from Cruising with Ruben & the Jets surrounded by newspaper clippings about Zappa and the Mothers. The disc credits Robert Jones (CTS London) with remastering and Nigel Godall with graphics. "A Ward Brandon production". A blurb on the disc reads:

This previously unpublished interview was recorded at Frank Zappa's home in Hollywood, California. A relaxed Zappa talked at length about his early ventures in the record business, the production techniques employed on the Mothers' Verve albums and the relationship with the quirky Captain Beefheart. Zappa's revelations provide a unique insight into the classic phase of his career.

CD Re-Issue

Label: CID012 (UK)

This interview album has been re-released on CD packaged in a pink 12" box with a group photo from the late '60s (the one on side 1 of the LP version?). The disc had a different picture from the same photo shoot on it. From Johnmag:

It comes in an LP-sized box which is colored the same color as the Studebaker on the cover of Just Another Band from LA. Top center it says "FRANK ZAPPA"/"On Compact Disc" with a large color picture underneath of the early Mothers sitting on some bleachers in what looks like a small auditorium. "C.I.D."/"Productions"; "Limited Edition Boxset" [to the right of "Productions"].

The back is all black / inside is plain with a small section to hold the CD & jewel case in the center. It has a picture CD which is a different pose of the same photo shoot. CD says "Frank Zappa The Interview CID012 Made In U.K. Limited Edition Of 500".

Additional informants: Bossk (R), Tony Burke, Brian Lagerman

[interview CD in The Conversation Disc series]

Unique material: 3 interviews with Zappa

00:00-23:02 Martin Perlich 1972
23:05-29:03 Two or more reporters interview Zappa before a Halloween show
29:04-42:37 Unknown interview

The Martin Perlich interview is also included on the bootleg Lätherette, but this version is 4.5 minutes longer. Subjects touched upon include classical music, modern music, harmony, rhythm, quality, serial music, Anton Webern, socio-political commentary and satire in early Mothers of Invention lyrics, and politics and the media.

The Halloween interview takes place at the Palladium in New York, immediately before the Halloween concert. They talk about his 7th Halloween show and "the first live simulcast in the history of cable broadcasting", which would probably put us in 1981. Zappa gets quite annoyed with one of the reporters (he is pretty dumb).

The third interview touches upon influences, the early years, and the Cucamonga years.

The cover shows a LSO era picture of Frank, in a coat. The back cover reads relates that "The Conversation Disc series is carefully compiled from tapes of historical interviews [?]. Any collection naturally reflects different periods of the artist's thoughts and depending on the recording techniques available at the time there might be some slight variations in sound quality. This interview has nbeen N.A.B EQ'd [?] ensuring high quality listening on modern equipment, whilst maintaining the natural warmth [!] of the original masters." and that the interviews are not available in "any other format". 2500-copy edition.

The Supplement Tape

Unique material: at least interview material

This is mostly an interview cassette, from 1990. It was authorised by Zappa, and a number of official cassettes were made and sold. The cover picture is from the same photo session as the cover of The Real Frank Zappa Book. Here are the liner notes, provided by Knut Skogstad:

On October 26th and 27th 1990 I interviewed Frank Zappa in his own L.A. studio, the UMRK. In between the conversation which were taped by Menno Kalmann, Frank was working on a new CD. Every once in a while we stopped and had coffee. After two days we had hours of interview and some exclusive audio material. This resulted in a 4 hour radio show called SUPPLEMENT for Dutch NOS radio, broadcasted on December 21st 1990, Frank's 50th birthday. This cassette contains material from that show and also some other stuff. We hope you enjoy it.

- Co de Kloet

Cover photo: Greg Gorman
Produced by: Menno Kalmann and Co de Kloet

Special thanks to Frank Zappa, Gail Zappa and Zappa Records for the use
of the musical fragments.

This package copyrighted 1990 SiŽsta Productions.

Additional informants: Jon Naurin, Tal, István Fekete

Frank Zappa - Interview Picture Disc (CD/clock)

Unique material: 2 interviews with Zappa (50:45)

Re-issued as a clock (!) (CBAK 94012)

1. Interview #1
2. Interview #2

Interview #1 was done in London right after the first Odeon Hammersmith show in 1984. Zappa talks for example about the 1984 band. Interview #2 also sounds British. It's also from around that time; Zappa talks about his Them or Us book and about dead rock stars. (Tabak also issued this interview on a four-single set.) The cover has a picture from the bootleg Swiss Cheese. The disc has three pictures: one from around 1978 with a Gibson SG, one portrait from around 1988, and one picture of Zappa's eyes.

CORNIEST THING: This CD has also been sold AS A CLOCK! The clock was available at the CD department of Virginstore in London, in January 1998, for £11.99.

  • See also: Happy Mother's Day (Ryko VRCD FZ 96, (probably Mother's Day) 1996) [choccolate, not playable]

Informants: Kristian Kier, Eric Martin, Sam and/or Karen Rouse, "U" (clock)

Interview picture disc collection (4 7" singles)

Unique material: An interview with Zappa

Label: Baktabak BAKPAK 1003
Matrix number: BAK 1003/1 A, BAK 1003/1 B, SET2 BAK PAK 1003-2 A, SET2 BAK 1003-2 B, SET3 BAK 1003-3-A, SET3 BAK 1003-3 B, SET4 BAK 1003-4 A, SET4 BAK 1003-4 B

The British Baktabak company / Tabak marketing issued this interview spread out over eight 7-inch single sides. (They have also issued the same interview on a CD.) There is no date, interviewer or location identified. In the future, however, there may appear links below to transcriptions of the interviews on all eight sides.

Side 1. Interview
Side 2. Interview (continued)
Side 3. Interview (continued)
Side 4. Interview (continued)
Side 5. Interview (continued)
Side 6. Interview (continued)
Side 7. Interview (continued)
Side 8. Interview (continued)

  • Transcription of the interview, which demonstrates where the side breaks are.

The set came in a PVC plastic bag, "designed to hang the singles to the wall". Each single has a unique black and white photograph of Zappa, but they all have the same fifth photograph on the flip side.

Informants: Kristian Kier, Eric Martin, Sam and/or Karen Rouse

The Interviews Volume 2

Unique material: An interview with Zappa

Label: Baktabak CBAK 4074 (1996)
Barcode: 5 017744 360746

Interview (26:43)

Frank gave this interview some time after the "Valley Girl" hit; it must have been recorded in New York. The interviewer has been reported to sound Dutch with a slight British accent.

In the Beginning

This interview CD was planned for release in October 1999, but it was never released, for whatever reason - financial, or legal? 

Anyway, back then, Spencer Kelly promoted the release like this (forwarded via Geir Corneliussen):

I am from a small commercial record company in the UK, who, next month will be issuing an unheard Zappa interview conducted in 1966 (please see the press release below) ...

Frank Zappa - In the Beginning - Interview CD.

In The Beginning is the first serious in-depth interview with the incomparable composer/bandleader/guitarist/social commentator, Frank Zappa.

Recorded in late December 1966, shortly after the release of The Mothers' debut album, Freak Out!, this hour-long conversation showcases the full  range of Zappa's knife-edged intelligence, keen insights, enthusiastic energy, incisive wit and grandiose ambitions.

Don Paulsen was one of the 1960’s most prolific interviewers and photographers.

The New York-based journalist was able to extract the most candid and revealing interviews from a huge array of famous artists who helped shape that remarkable decade. To this day his photographs adorn galleries all around the world.

The Classic Interview Series captures not only these fascinating interviews but contains previously unseen photographs taken during the actual interview within a 6-sided digipak, creating a poignant picture of the era and the artists that made it so memorable.

Catalogue Number - CHATCLASS01

The company I work for (Megaworld) is based in London, and our website will be up 'n' running in a couple of weeks. In the meantime please e-mail for any further information.


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