Bibliographical References

This is not a Zappa bibliography (there is one at, it's just a list of the/some books that are quoted and referenced on all these pages. I used to keep detailed references in the actual text, but I made this page so I could use just the title, hyperlinked to here, and not have to clutter up the text with long ISBN numbers and stuff. The editions listed below are not necessarily first or latest editions, but the editions that were quoted or used; if there are references to page numbers, they match these editions. Many of these books have nothing to do with Zappa. They are sorted by the authors' family names, or by pseudonym.

  • Bra Böckers Lexikon volume 23, Bra Böcker, Höganäs, 1982 (a dictionary)
  • Layamani Layam volume 7, issue 41, June/July 2001 (a magazine from the Sruthi Laya Seva Trust of Karaikudi R Mani Iyer, handed out to Zappa Fans United in Righteousness at his September 2001 concert in Stockholm)
  • Andrews, Richard & Paul Schellenberger: The Tomb of God - The Body of Jesus & the Solution to a 2000-Year-Old Mystery, Little, Brown & Co, Boston, November 1996 (ISBN 0316042757)
  • Akihiko Yonekawa: Beyond Polite Japanese, Tokyo Kodansha International, 1992 (ISBN 4770027737)
  • Benson, Dennis C: The Rock Generation, Abingdon, printed by Parthenon Press, Nashville, 1976 (ISBN 0-687-36531-7) (includes two flexi-discs, one of which has an interview segment with Frank Zappa)
  • Boulez, Pierre: Orientations, Faber & Faber, London 1990 (edited by Jean-Jaques Nattiez; English translation by Martin Cooper 1986) (ISBN 0-571-14347-4)
  • Burnette, Carol and Bob Hope: The Other Zappas (anti-Semitic pamphlet, Johan Lif's dream, August 29 2003)
  • Burroughs, William S: The Naked Lunch, Grove Press (ISBN 0802132952)
  • Chevalier, Dominique: Viva! Zappa, Omnibus Press, London, 1986 (ISBN 0-7119-0821-4)
  • De La Salle, Rene: On Tour with the Evil Prince, Canada, 1990
  • Dubois, Geneviève: Fulcanelli Dévoilé, Dervy, France (ISBN 2-85076-513-9)
  • Fulcanelli: Le Mystère des Cathédrales, Paris, 1929 (English translation by Mary Sworder, as Fulcanelli: Master Alcemist, Brotherhood of Life, Albuquerque, 1984)
  • Fulcanelli: Les Demeures Philosophales, Paris, October 1930 (English translation by Brigitte Donvez & Lionel Perrin; edited by Jeffrey Miller, as The Dwellings of the Philosophers, Archive Press & Communications, Boulder, January 30 1999 (ISBN 0-9635211-6-0))
  • Godwin, John: This Baffling World, Hart Publishing, New York, 1968
  • Gray, Michael: Mother! The Frank Zappa Story, Plexus, London, 1993 (ISBN 0-85965-119-3)
  • Greene, Graham: Our Man in Havana, Penguin, USA, Paperback reprint September 1991 (1958) (ISBN  0140184937)
  • Grove, Sir George: Grove's Dictionary of Music & Musicians (3rd edition, 1927-28, 6 Volumes), Reprint Services Corporation (ISBN 0781297095)
  • Gweder, Urban: Im Zeichen des magischen Affen, WOA Verlag AG, Zürich, Septemeber 1998 (ISBN 3-9512180-2-9)
  • Heylin, Clinton: BOOTLEG / The Secret History of the Recording Industry, St Martin's Griffin, New York, July 1996 (ISBN 0-312-14289-7)
  • Hubbard, Jamie: Absolute Delusion, Perfect Buddhahood - The Rise and Fall of a Chinese Heresy, University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu, 2001 (ISBN 0-8248-2345-1)
  • Miles, Barry: A Visual Documentary, Omnibus Press, London, 1993 (ISBN 0.7119.3099.6)
  • Obermanns, Norbert ("NOBBI"): ZAPPALOG, continental Europe, January 1981
  • Pérez Galdóz, Benito: Doña Perfecta (Swedish translation by Karl August Hagberg), Fr. Skoglunds Förlag, Stockholm, 1916 (second printing)
  • Poroila, Heikki and Heikki Karjalainen: Zappa äänitteillä-esittelevä diskografia 1961-1995, Finnish Music Library Association, Helsinki (ISBN 951-8903-33-6)
  • Pynchon, Thomas: Mason & Dixon, Vintage UK / Random House, London, 1998 (ISBN 0-09-977191-8)
  • Rubin, Emanuel and John L Farber (editors): Pathology, JB Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1988 (ISBN 0-39-751047-4)
  • Rushdie, Salman: The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Jonathan Cape, London, 1999 (ISBN 0-224-04419-2)
  • Russo, Greg: Cosmik Debris (The Collected History & Improvisations of Frank Zappa), Crossfire Publications, PO box 20406, Floral Park, New York, USA, 1999 (revised second edition - the webmaster is thanked in the introduction) (ISBN 0-9648157-7-X) [signed & dedicated copy]
  • Rykodisc: Zappalogue (a Catalogue of the Complete Works of Frank Zappa on Rykodisc), Rykodisc Europe, London, 1996 (16-page booklet)
  • Shankar, Ravi: Raga Mala (The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar), Element Books, Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1999 (ISBN 1 86204 592 5) (edited & introdiced by George Harrison; first published in 1997)
  • Slaven, Neil: Electric Don Quixote, Omnibus Press, London, 1996 (ISBN 0-7119-5983-8 (hardcover) / 0.7119.6095.X (paperback)
  • Soddy, Frederick: The Interpretation of Radium, Murray, London, 1909 (second edition)
  • "Torture Team", the: The Torchum Never Stops Volumes 1-4 (German Zappa reference books)
  • Underwood, Ian (transcription): The Frank Zappa Songbook Volume 1, Frank Zappa Music / Munchkin Music, Los Angeles, 1973 (no ISBN)
  • Volgsten, Ulrik: Music, Mind & the Serious Zappa: The Passions of a Virtual Listener, Stockholm University Studies in Musicology #9, Kompendiet, Göteborg, 1999 (ISBN 91-7265-020-6) (PhD assertation - the webmaster is thanked in the preamble)
  • Watson, Ben: Frank Zappa The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play, Quartet Books, London, 1994 (ISBN 0 7043 0242 X) (corrected edition in 1995, ISBN 07043 0242 X)
  • Weissner, Carl (German translation): Plastic People Songbook (corrected edition), Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt, 1977 (no ISBN)
  • Wilder, G D and Ingram, J H: Analysis of Chinese Characters, North China Union Language School, 1921
  • Zappa, Frank: Them Or Us, Barfko-Swill, Los Angeles, 1984 (no ISBN)
  • Zappa, Frank, with Peter Ochiogrosso: The Real Frank Zappa Book, Picador Pan Books, London, 1990 (ISBN 0-330-31625-7)
  • Zucconi, Roberto: Zappa Paraphernalia, Enema Publishing / Tuxedo Books, Piacenza, 1994 [limited edition; signed & dedicated copy]

(I'm aware that books such as The Torchum Never Stops and Cosmik Debris are shock-full of pictures of record labels and album covers, many of which I know you would like to see on-line. Well, I can't give you that, primarily because there's not enough web space, but also because if I had a picture of every record, the loading time for the longer lists would be impossibly great, so I would have to re-organise everything into a one-page-per-album configuration, which means an amount of work I am not ready to do. The differences between the Zappa Patio and your favourite reference books are 1) that the Zappa Patio has very few pictures and that your favourite reference book probably has lots of them; 2) that the Zappa Patio is free, but books cost money; 3) that books have limited circulation, but the Zappa Patio is for everyone - and 4) that you can add to and correct the Zappa Patio a lot more easily than you can add to or correct your favourite reference book, by the click of a button.) Now check out the Siberian Zappa Bibliography!

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