Son of Cheep Thrills

  • RCD 10581, April 27 1999 (not issued in Japan)
  • Ryko FZ 002 (German promo)

ESSENTIAL FOR COMPLETISTS: NO [completist's guide]

After the success of Cheap Thrills (according to cover artist Cal Schenkel, it "sold like gangbusters"), Ryko put together another cheap compilation of Zappa tracks from the albums they had moved from the full-price to the mid-price range. It contains album versions only.

Official Rykodisc statement:

Son of Cheep Thrills is the second low-priced sampler to boost FZ awareness on a global basis. The proud papa was, of course, Cheap Thrills. Son of Cheep Thrills is an inexpensive ($6.98) just over 40-minute sampler of material from 11 of the midlined FZ titles. The program was compiled by Joe Black. If one were to place genres on FZ music, they would find tracks on this sampler that bend toward classical, jazz, rock, and musical comedy. Tracks segue to form a 40-minute rocking ride through the FZ universe. Cal Schenkel (designer/illustrator for early FZ releases) will glorify the sounds with his art.

From JWB:

I was looking at the enhanced portion of Son Of Cheep Thrills and I've already seen quite a few mistakes that offend me. For example ... Rykodisc says that the Ahead of Their Time CD was compiled from the "very concerts" that landed Zappa in British court, which is just completely wrong and is a boneheaded mistake. Rykodisc needs to research their facts before they write those stupid bios. There are other things that I'm too tired to point out right now.

(Apparently, there were many "personel mistakes" as well.)

German Promo

From Mikael Agardsson:

Like the German cardboard-sleeve Cheap Thrills promo (Ryko FZ 001), this German Son of Cheep Thrills promo also comes in a cardboard sleeve. The cover is also slightly different [it has a picture of the regular CD cover, tilted 10 or so on a same-colour background; above it, in the upper-left corner, it says "CHEAP THRILLS" /"SPECIAL EDITION"; in the lower-right corner, it says "SAMPLER"/"NOT FOR SALE"; and in the lower-left corner is a Ryko logo], as is the CD itself [saying "SPECIAL EDITION" and "SAMPLER"/"NOT FOR SALE"/"Made in Germany"]. The disc has "Cheap Thrills" printed on it (but the correct catalogue number).

These two promos are much harder to get hold of than American promos. As we know, Cheap Thrills and Son of Cheep Thrills were never released as promos in the US, only in Germany. Well, there was a Cheap Thrills promo from Brazil, too, but there it was part of the box :)


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