The Yellow Shark

No differences between old and new CDs.


  • Original CD (Barking Pumpkin R2-71600 in the US, Zappa Records CDZAP 57 in the UK)
  • 1995 CD (Ryko RCD 40560, May 30 1995)
  • 1995 cassette (Ryko RAC 40560, May 30 1995)
  • Japanese CD by Videoarts Music (VACK 5100, renumbered 5235 in 1998)
  • Japanese CD by MSI
  • Russian CD (AIN 808170)

Original CD

From Tom Troccoli:

In the USA, Yellow Shark was in fact originally distributed and promoted by Rhino, not Barking Pumpkin. I don't own a copy of the Ryko edition, but in stores it looks identical (with the exception of a couple of logo changes) to the original Rhino edition (catalog # R2-716000).

From István Fekete:

On the first pressing of the European edition on Zappa Records, the top and bottom side of the slipcase had a gray color, while later pressings has the same brown as the front and back cover. The paper has a rough surface, while the Ryko '95 is smooth. Another difference is that the opening of the Zappa Records slipcase is to the right of the Zappa portrait on the cover, while on the Ryko '95 it is to the left. (I haven't seen the Barking Pumpkin pressing.)

1995 CD

Official Ryko statement:

In the case of the last two volumes of You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore (Vol. 5 & Vol. 6), Playground Psychotics, Ahead of Their Time and The Yellow Shark, new timing sheets were created, but because they had been mixed and mastered as recently as 1991-1993, the original masters were simply error-checked and OK'd (in other words, new masters weren't delivered on these). [full statement]

Japanese MSI CD

From Yakinezumi:

There exist some Japanese items which are not known so much. The Yellow Shark by MSI - it was sold only by mail order around the same time that Videoarts had sold it with other liner notes in stores. It seems there was some collision of dealership. This version includes about 50-page Japanese translation and the explanatory.


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