A DVD-audio release, featuring a mixture of new and previously-released content in glorious surround mixed by FZ and Dweezil. More details soon.

ESSENTIAL FOR COMPLETISTS: Yes. [completist's guide]

  • DTS 1125, Sept. 2004. DVD-A release: will only play in DVD players, and high-resolution surround content is only available in DVD-Audio players.


1. Naval Aviation in Art? [Variation on the Orchestral Favorites/LÄTHER version]
2. Lumpy Gravy
3. Rollo
4. Drooling Midrange Accountants on Easter Hay [Deathless Horsie/Watermelon in Easter Hay with Zappa narration]
5. Wild Love [Variation on the Sheik Yerbouti version]
6. Ship Ahoy
7. Chunga Basement
8. Venusian Time Bandits
9. Waka/Jawaka [Variation on the Waka/Jawaka version]
10. Basement Music #2

(All tracks available in surround--DTS and MLP 5.1--and stereo)

There's also a smattering of extra visual content on the disc.

Audio Formats

DTS Entertainment Sez:

5.1 MLP for DVD-Audio Players; 5.1 DTS for DTS-Capable systems; 2.0 PCM for all DVD-Video players. [Read the full press-release HERE]

David G. elaborates:

In other words: all DVD players will be able to access the lossy DTS surround and lossless stereo streams, but only DVD-Audio capable players can access the "lossless" MLP-packed surround track. Unsurprisingly, there is no Dolby Digital surround track, so if your player/receiver can't correctly handle DTS...well, I guess you might be stuck with the two-channel version.

As for the audio specs: I don't have the disc in front of me (which makes this sort of thing inherently precarious), but I'm pretty sure that the lossless surround track is 96kHz/24bit, while the standard stereo track is 48kHz/24bit. Note that this is therefore different from Halloween, which had a 48kHz/16bit stereo track.

Some AFFZ reactions

David G.:

I like it thus far, although I'm listening exclusively to the stereo version (which sounds like a knock-down of the surround tapes). Pretty spiffy. "Chunga Basement" is to die for. Nitpick: Venusian Time Bandits sounds like it might lose a bit in stereo, as I can barely hear the lead guitar track. "Wild Love" is swimming in 'verb.

Charles Ulrich:

Quaudiophiliac did not include any tracks from [Apostrophe/Over-nite Sensation/Roxy and Elsewhere]--which I took as a very good sign. They would have been obvious inclusions *unless* they're planning to release ONS and A' as such.

Mark Mott:

Speaking of the QuAUDIOPHILIAc DTS mix, does anyone else notice that the bass signal was not rolled off to the subwoofer. There appears to be no subwoofer signal for the whole DVD. I discovered this as my auto-on subwoofer never powers up during playing this DVD.

I guess they stayed straight to the FZ quad mix as there is a discrete center channel, and I am guessing that both rear channels are the same signal.

The Halloween DTS DVD has the subwoofer signal and a 5.1 mix, of course, and my subwoofer turns on, as it should.

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