Imaginary Diseases

Petit Wazoo at last!

ESSENTIAL FOR COMPLETISTS: Yes! [completist's guide]

Tracks (links to Román's stupendous lyrics rundown)

  1. Oddients 1:13
  2. Rollo 3:21
  3. Been To Kansas City In A Minor 10:15
  4. Farther O'Blivion 16:02
  5. D.C. Boogie 13:27
  6. Imaginary Diseases 9:45
  7. Montreal 9:11

Some AFFZ reactions:

Mike E.

So, as my mind drifts back, I find it difficult to remember the last time I liked a new FZ album this much. I didn't like EIHN this much.
I didn't like FZ:OZ this much. Hell, I don't think I even liked Lather, The Lost Episodes, or CPIII this much.

In fact, the last time I remember being this happy with a newly acquired FZ album was when I won THE ENTIRE YCDTOSA SET in a radio contest 12 years ago.

All of this might sound like insane hyberbole, but I can't find enough superlatives to express how much I love this CD. I may not listen to another one for the next month.

Needless to say, folks, this seems to be the big one.

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