Joe's Domage

A rehearsal of material that would later appear on the Grand Wazoo and Waka Jawaka.

ESSENTIAL FOR COMPLETISTS: Yes! [completist's guide]

  • Vaulternative Records VR 20042, September 2004

Track-listing (links to Román's stupendous lyrics rundown)

  1. When it's perfect . . . 3:18
  2. The New Brown Clouds 2:44
  3. Frog Song 17:23
  4. It Just Might Be A One Shot Deal 1:57
  5. The ending line . . . 3:12
  6. Blessed Relief/The New Brown Clouds 5:03
  7. It Ain't Real So What's The Deal 13:14
  8. Think It Over (some)/Think It Over (some more) 5:20
  9. Another Whole Melodic Section 1:53
  10. When it feels natural . . . 1:27
Note: Joe's Domage is a rough, cassette-recorder-in-the-room rehearsal tape. Sound quality issues have been debated extensively on AFFZ, with the consensus being that the material is for completists only. As Bob Eichler points out, though, if this were a bootleg, everyone would be praising it to the skies.

Think of it as a continuation of the "Beat the Boots" series, and you'll have a rough idea of what to expect.

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