The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle

An iTunes-only release of some FZ-and-related tunes. Its placement here (instead of, say, in the weirdo discography) is plenty capricious, as it's plenty weirdo. As of late 2007, it's only available in lossy format.

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  • December, 2007


1: FZ - Tryin' to Grow a Chin ("out-take" from the Oz disc, Jan 20 1976)
2: FZ - Dead Girls of London (Live from the Hammersmith, 1979)
3: FZ - You Are What You Is (Live, Santa Monica, 1980)
4: FZ - Bamboozled by Love (Live, Vienna, 1988. Mike Espinoza loves this one)
5: FZ - Fine Girl (previously unreleased Wackermanization)
6: Diva - Girly Woman
7: Diva - When the Ball Drops
8: Ahmet - Bring it Back
9: Ahmet - Feel How I Need You
10: Dweezil - Rhythmatist (from "Go With What You Know")
11: Moon Unit and Jellybird - Everyone is Going Mad


Some choice comments from Mike Espinoza:

"Tryin' To Grow A Chin" is a great early version from OZ and the only one that I know of with Nappy on backing vocals. Let me get this straight. "Poodle Lecture" made it onto the CD, but this didn't?

Great live version of "Dead Girls Of London", though I don't like the fade out.

Never liked any live version of YAWYI. This one is no different. The album track just can't be topped.

Already spoke of "Bamboozled". Ike's just great on this. The horns and percussion improve on the 1984 arrangement.

"Fine Girl" is kind of what you'd expect from a Frank/Bob Stone remix. Still don't like the song much.


Ahmet's "Bring It Back" still gives me chills. Set aside the fact that it's good enough to be a hit. Those lyrics are just, like, wow! And we think we miss Frank.

Really love Dweezil's track. Will be buying his latest. Will be reassessing his back catalog. He'll never be Frank, but...

Moon's track is decent. I can kind of hear what she was going for, but it doesn't quite connect for me.

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