Everything Is Healing Nicely

Available by mail-order from Barfko-Swill from October 11 1999. The first copies arrived to customers on December 14, although the official release date is set to December 21, Zappa's birthday.

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  • CD (UMRK 03, 21 December 1999)
  • Japanese import (by Music Scene International, limited 1000-copy edition)

the front cover may say EIHN, but the spine says EVERYTHING IS HEALING NICELYJapanese Edition

From Yakinezumi:

Recent releases of the UMRK label and the one from the Vaulternative label were actually sold by MSI in Japan. But I can't tell if they had an official license to sell it. Because most of the catalogs are sold by Imagica Videoarts Music nowadays, and the price of the CD are very expensive, and besides, Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa was sold only by mail order. 

EIHN includes obi kanji: obi and Japanese translation, by ["Studio"] Tan Mitsugu, of English inner booklet. It cost 4 600 Yen (about $38). I'm afraid it's out of stock.

To my speculation, MSI has no licenses and sell them as "import disc with Japanese booklet". It seems they tack on their profit to direct-import discs.

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