The CD has 13 extra tracks: "Which One Is It?", "Chalk Pie", "In-a-Gadda-Stravinsky", "Hotel Atlanta Incidentals", "That's Not Really a Shuffle", "Variations on Sinister #3", "Orrin Hatch on Skis", "Swans? What Swans?", "Too Ugly for Show Business", "Do Not Try This at Home", "Canadian Customs", "Is That All There Is?" and "It Ain't Neceessarily the Saint James Infirmary". It may also be remixed in some places. The 1995 Ryko CD is not different from earlier CDs.

What We Need: Lots! Which tracks are remixed, and where?

  "Well, I like FZ's guitar work in moderation ..." Sorry, but nobody bothered to read the rest of your post. What a waste of human meat you are. Welcome to the show, goodbye. I hate newbies.
  Geir Corneliussen,, September 4 2001

ESSENTIAL VERSIONS FOR COMPLETISTS: Any CD is a must-have, because the CD has many more guitar solos than the LP. (The 1995 CD is a remaster.) Some people also consider the LP a must-have, since the edits between many tracks are different there (at least, this was a trendy opinion on in October 1999 :). The LP mix may also be slightly different! [completist's guide]


  • Vinyl (Barking Pumpkin D1 74212 in the US, April 1988 (catalogue number BPR 7420 also reported); Zappa Records ZAPPA 6 in the UK, 1988; Intercord INT 183.510 somewhere)
  • Cassette (Zappa Records TZAPPA6; Barking Pumpkin D4-74212; Intercord INT 483.510 somewhere)
  • Original CD (Ryko RCD 10079/80 in the US (imported into Australia by Festival Records and re-stickered Ryko D70281/2), Zappa Records CDD ZAPPA 6 [not the standard CDDZAP] in the UK, April 1988; Zappa Records/Intercord INT 883.510 in Germany; VACK 5051/2 in Japan - may have been called "Guitar - Live Highlights 1979-1984")
  • 1995 CD (Ryko RCD 10550/51, May 2 1995; VACK 5135/6 in Japan, renumbered 5270/1 in 1999 (may have been called "Guitar - Live Highlights 1979-1984"))
  • Japanese paper-sleeve CD (Ryko/VACK 1259-1/2, November 21 2002)

Track Titles

Some original CD copies (RCD 10079/80) misspell "In-a-Gadda-Stravinsky" as "In-a-Gadda-Stravinksy" on the cover. From Geir Corneliussen:

My old CD from Zappa Records is wrong like on the old Ryko, so they are identical, wrong, that is. I saw that the same day I got it over ten years ago! This ain't necessarily the Stravinsky infirmary either is it!? It's very BAD to spell Stravinsky wrong if you ask me. Somebody will get in the electric chair for this.

From Charles Ulrich:

It wasn't misspelled on the old cassette version though.


The "Which One Is It?" solo on Guitar (CD only) is a different (shorter) edit (and different mix) of the "Black Page #2" solo on You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Volume 5, and the "Jim & Tammy's Upper Room" solo is the entire "Advance Romance" solo on You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Volume 5.


The vinyl had 13 tracks fewer than the CD. The vinyl track list, courtesy of Román García Albertos:

1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (03:42)
2. Republicans (05:08)
3. Do Not Pass Go (03:37)
4. That's Not Really Reggae (03:17)
5. When No One Was No One (04:41)

6. Once Again, Without the Net (03:58)
7. Outside Now (Original Solo) (05:29)
8. Jim & Tammy's Upper Room (03:11)
9. Were We Ever Really Safe in San Antonio? (02:50)
10. That Ol' G Minor Thing Again (04:39)

11. Move It Or Park It (05:43)
12. Sunrise Redeemer (03:53)
13. But Who Was Fulcanelli? (02:58)
14. For Duane (03:25)
15. GOA (04:46)

16. Winos Do Not March (03:14)
17. Systems of Edges (05:32)
18. Thing That Look Like Meat (06:55)
19. Watermelon in Easter Hay (04:00)

webmaster in back seat of taxi cab after buying GUITAR on both CD and LPFrom Jeff Szarka, October 1999:

If you already have Guitar on CD, getting the LP is a very good idea. The track layout in my opinion is MUCH better. The segue from "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace" to "Republicans" alone is worth the effort to find it. As far as the mixes go it is very similar [see under CD] ... but the real reason to get it is for the interesting segues. Probably only something for a very hardcore fan with some money to waste.


From Michael Pierry:

It has the same track listing as the vinyl and came out on Barking Pumpkin here in the US. When I saw the CD for the first time, I couldn't believe how many extra tracks there were!

Original CD

The CD has 13 extra tracks. The full track list is:

1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (03:42)
2. Which One Is It? (03:04) [CD bonus track]
3. Republicans (05:07)
4. Do Not Pass Go (03:37)
5. Chalk Pie (04:51) [CD bonus track]
6. In-a-Gadda-Stravinsky (02:49) [CD bonus track]
7. That's Not Really Reggae (03:16)
8. When No One Was No One (04:49)
9. Once Again, Without the Net (03:43)
10. Outside Now (Original Solo) (05:28)
11. Jim & Tammy's Upper Room (03:11)
12. Were We Ever Really Safe in San Antonio? (02:49)
13. That Ol' G Minor Thing Again (05:02)
14. Hotel Atlanta Incidentals (02:44) [CD bonus track]
15. That's Not Really a Shuffle (04:23) [CD bonus track]
16. Move It Or Park It (05:43)
17. Sunrise Redeemer (03:58)

18. Variations on Sinister #3 (05:15) [CD bonus track]
19. Orrin Hatch on Skis (02:12) [CD bonus track]
20. But Who Was Fulcanelli? (02:48)
21. For Duane (03:24)
22. GOA (04:51)
23. Winos Do Not March (03:14)
24. Swans? What Swans? (04:23) [CD bonus track]
25. Too Ugly for Show Business (04:20) [CD bonus track]
26. Systems of Edges (05:32)
27. Do Not Try This at Home (03:50) [CD bonus track]
28. Thing That Look Like Meat (06:54)
29. Watermelon in Easter Hay (04:02)
30. Canadian Customs (03:35) [CD bonus track]
31. Is That All There Is? (04:08) [CD bonus track]
32. It Ain't Neceessarily the Saint James Infirmary (05:14) [George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin / Dubose Heyward / Joe Primrose - CD bonus track]

(The track times were taken from the 1995 CD, which had a new timing sheet, and may not match exactly what is listed on the original CD.) From Dr Z-Open:

Aside from that fact that there are many more cuts on the CD and at least one solo is longer (presumably left full-length) ["That Ol' G Minor Thing Again"] on the CD, the only tune that I can recall being different in terms of the mix (and this recollection is going back 10 years or so to when I had the vinyl) is "Things That Look Like Meat" - seems to me that the drums have been mixed way into the back group on the CD and the bass is up front ... on the vinyl the drums are right up front on that tune and on the CD I can barely hear the drum set.

1995 CD

Like the original CD. Official Ryko statement: "New master. New timing sheet." [full statement]

Japanese Paper-Sleeve Version (2001-2002)

Starting in 2001, Video Arts Music released a limited-edition series (2000 copies each) of Zappa CDs in paper sleeves - miniature LP sleeves. There was nothing special about this series other than the covers, which were very well done - inserts and "bonuses" were reproduced, the albums that originally had gatefold covers got little miniature gatefolds, and cover track lists were exactly as on the corresponding LPs, even in cases where the CD has bonus tracks or a different track order. Included in this series were some entries that never had "proper" LP issues, i.e. Läther. Additionally, some rarities--like the "green/gold" cover of Chunga's Revenge--were reproduced as special items in this run.

We need to stress that the sound quality of these discs matches the US Ryko issues, which they are clearly derived from. These are collectors items, not new remastered editions.

Late-2012-update: It appears as if the Japanese may be warming up the mini-LP ovens for a new batch based on the 2012 UMe remasters. We'll let you know if this happens.

Additional Informants

  • Dr. István Fekete
  • AJ Wilkes
  • Lewis Saul
  • Anki Eklund
  • Harry de Swart

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