.plan 12/3 - I shouldn't be posting this, but...it wasn't really fair to say the weekend was a downer. Well, the George news was, but the rest of it was just, well, frustrating.

12/2 - Blargh. Between the death of George Harrison and other "let's not mention it" events, this weekend has been kind of a downer. Blargh. At least I got to see a very nice person who I haven't seen in a really long time.

Not really that much exciting stuff going on. The "Xmas gift I already know I'm getting" this year is a MiniDisc recorder. Yeah, I know you're saying "MiniDiscs, didn't those things go out of style before they ever came into style?" Well, in this country, yes, but they are pretty big elsewhere, and they are just COOL. The one I'm getting is barely larger than a MiniDisc itself (which is quite small). Check them out - they are really pretty slick.

I don't think I've picked up much, if any, new music lately. Big news for us Who fans, though - their debut album, My Generation, is finally going to be remixed and reissued this spring. Yes, that means hearing tracks like I Can't Explain, My Generation, and The Kids Are Alright in true stereo for the first time ever. Not to mention just better sound quality in general.

10/30 - Another lapse in updates, but what else is new? School is going pretty good. Spanish sucks, that's no surprise. CS is going pretty good, and that's really what matters in the end.

I've been getting a lot of new (old) music lately. One CD I just got (yesterday) and immediately fell in love with is Badfinger - Straight Up. The singles "Baby Blue" and "Day After Day" are obviously good, but the whole album is a great listen as well. If you can, find a copy of the DCC (gold) version. Yeah, it's expensive and really hard to find, but it blows away the standard Apple/Capitol CD. Really great.

This past Saturday was the monthly Pat show at Shank Hall. Probably the best time I've had at a Pat show, ever. I've even got some pictures of the event.

9/7 - Wow, it's actually been a busy few weeks. In late August we went on vacation for a week, which actually turned out to be a pretty good time. A few nights in Cleveland, then out to Annapolis, then the eastern shore of Maryland. I got to see a buddy of mine in Cleveland, which turned out to be a great time. And, we even got to drive through Breezewood...

Also in the news, I just got back up to school. So far everything seems to be going fairly well. If everything works out, this should be the last year for me. After that...who knows. Oh, and I'm now OFFICIALLY a CS major. Ahh...

8/4 - Well, I finally did it. I set up my own server. Yep, lukpac.org is now running on my own machine, on my buddy's DSL. I've had it up a few days now, and everything seems to be working pretty good. Let's hope it stays that way!

7/16 - Am I having an exciting summer? Yeah, something like that. I did make it up to Summerfest once, where I saw Pat and the "Walk Down Abbey Road" show. Some pictures are here.

I've been grilling out quite a bit lately. If I get a chance I think I'll post some recipes I've come up with for a few things. Keep an eye out.

6/11 - Ahh, another school year, come and gone. A pretty good one, too. If all goes well, I'll be out in another year. Let's just hope things keep going the way they've been going lately (ie, good). Right now I'm back in Racine for the summer, back at the JT. Nothing too exciting, but hey, it's money. If all goes well, I'll have my own server set up soon (maybe a month or two) to run lukpac.org and a few other domains. Shouldn't make a difference to any of you, but it should make things a bit easier on this end...

4/25 - Here's an update for my whiner of a best friend. First of all, I finally have a car up here. A 1988 Toyota Camry. Other than some rust around the wheel wells (which *really* pisses me off), it's in great shape. [Fingers crossed!]

Not a whole lot else to speak of. Berry Weis (pronounced *vice*) is back in season, so I'm happy. I just picked up Traffic's "Traffic" and "Last Exit" the other day - I'd urge all of you to pick up "Traffic", if not both - great album. It's got the original version of 'Feelin Alright' among other great songs.

4/5 - Well, first off, I feel like crap. Don't know if this is a cold, or sinuses or what, but for the last week I've been clogged up. Now my throat hurts. Not fun... Other than that, though, things are going pretty good. We got our CS exams back the other day, and I managed an A - I was very happy to say the least. My other classes are going OK - not as good as CS, but then again, I really don't care:-0

Last week Pat did a Wednesday show out in Middleton, which was very cool. Probably less than 50 people there - really "Intimate Pat". He's out in Sun Prarie tomorrow, so we'll probably be there, and we might make it to Miller Park on Saturday to catch the game *and* catch Pat - talk about a good afternoon!

In other news, my parents just got a new car (another Villager), which means I won't have to fight over the Camry anymore. I don't know if/when I'll have it up here at school, but at the very least it will be nice to not have to worry about playing musical cars at home any more.

3/7 - Nothing terribly exciting going on. Only a couple more days until spring break, which will be nice, even if it does mean just going back to Racine for a few days. Last night was the weekly Pat show, which as always was fun - some guy almost managed to set fire to the stage with a flaming shot though! Not too much to talk about in terms of classes - same old same old.

2/19 - Friday was my birthday (22), which was fun. We went to the Gritty to eat and stayed there for most of the night. That was the first time I've been in there since they opened the second floor, so that was a bit strange. My parents came up on Sunday (bearing gifts), which was nice.

Not a whole lot else to speak of. Classes are going fine, although it seems like I've got endless amounts of reading to do. I've been managing get to Pat every Tuesday, which has been nice. Not a whole lot in terms of new music, although I did get a couple of CDs for my birthday.

1/22 - Back up at school. Nothing overly exciting school wise, although I look forward to hitting some Pat shows - he's at the Retreat twice this week (Tuesday and Saturday). I guess we're lucky - the Retreat/Annex had a fire last Thursday, which luckily only damaged the entryway to the Annex - none of the bar or stage areas were damaged, and the place stayed open.

1/2 - Another lull in updates I guess. The fall semester finished up a week and a half ago, which went pretty well. Nice to be done with it though! Between Xmas and New Year's (and finals) I've been busy trying to catch Pat as much as possible. We saw him in Madison on finals week, then I went up to Milwaukee that Friday to see him with my cousin. I also caught him last Friday and Saturday (in Kenosha and Milwaukee respectively) - Saturday at Shank Hall was a particularly good show. Pat was in good form, Zach and Dennis got nice and drunk, and I even got to sing backup.

In other news - not a whole lot. Got some nice Xmas haul, including the (huge) Beatles Anthology book. A fair number of CDs as usual.


10/23 - Phew. It's been a busy few weeks. Two exams, a research paper, and a CS project. Of course, there's more on the way, but for the moment I can breathe again. Hopefully we'll be seeing Pat tomorrow night, which will be nice. In other news, we finally got a grill up here - a bit rickety, but it does serve the purpose. I've made burgers and chicken on it already, so...

For anyone interested, I've also done some updating to the Rolling Stones page. Sound clips for each song, and some graphics for the 5x5 release. Enjoy.

9/21 - Website? What website? Ahh, well. Back up in Madison, living off campus with Zach. We're pretty hooked up - DSL, digital cable, etc... Classes are ok - nothing great, but nothing terrible either.

The summer was pretty uneventful - work at the JT, not a whole lot else. I think the farthest we got away from Racine was central Illinois, which is always a blast:-0 I did get to catch Pat a few times, which was cool. Had some Taco Loco as well, which is always great!

I've got all the photos from Western Field Studies scanned in. Alas, they need to be resized and put on pages. One of these days...!

5/7 - Wow. Looks like it's been awhile. Once again the school year is wrapping up - this is the last week of classes, then finals. That sucks for me, though, as I have two on Saturday, two on Sunday, then none till Friday night. Oh well. Other than that not a whole lot of exciting information. I did get a new printer a few months back, which is quite nice, but other than that... Yesterday we managed to catch Pat McCurdy playing at Cole Beach for Spring Fest down here by the lakeshore dorms. Speaking of which - the weather has been amazing lately, in the 70s and 80s consistently. Why can't it always be like this?!

2/18 - My birthday (the big 21, no less) is pretty much now out of my system - Tuesday night we went to see Pat McCurdy at the Regent Street Retreat. Here's a pic of Zach, Paul, Zach and me - aren't we charming? After that we hit a few bars then I pretty much crapped out. Needless to say I didn't do much on Wednesday. Ahh, well. I did get some blinking buttons though!

2/12 - Well, I've been back in school for a few weeks now. Things are going fairly well. The bike is in decent shape (considering the weather, anyway) and the room is working out well. The parents were just up for a birthday celebration, and brought up a small table and some carpet - it's pretty nice in here now. Also got the Simpsons poster hung up and took care of some other stuff. Also getting involved in the CS Club - I'm officially their webmaster now. Hopefully that will be fun.

1/22 - Back up in Madison, and finally updating this site. It's been awhile. Still have some unpacking to do, but alas, I've got my computer and all my CDs out already...:-0 I'm now in a single, which is a nice change - more room than I'm used to. Still have to take care of a few things, but nothing too major. It's a pity classes start on Monday though...:(


10/18 - Looks like it's been awhile since my last update. Not a whole lot going on. Classes are fine, could be better I suppose. I did pick up Muddy Waters' "Folk Singer" CD, which should be required for anyone who has any interest in the blues. I'm in dire need of another hard drive but as of yet I haven't decided on anything. Donations are more than welcome! Other than that I think this machine is holding up well. There's only a minimum of ethernet jacks in these dorm rooms, so I was unable to bring up my PC, which is a bummer. Oh well

8/30 - Back up in Madison. Not too much going on yet, however. A few more free days before class starts, then back to the grind.

8/23 - Got back from vacation yesterday. Saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, then headed down to the DC area. Not too bad. Heading back up to Madison this weekend. Back in Tripp Hall.

In other news, I managed to scrape up enough parts to build myself a PC. Not a bad machine, especially considering I haven't spent over $100 on it yet. I've got Linux running on it, which is nice to play around with. Oh, and my Jaz drive died on my Mac the other day...

6/1 - Not too much going on. Dad took my lead and picked up a Nikon N70 for himself, so I'm his tech support. We don't have the TV antenna up yet over at Jeremy's house, but we do manage to play plenty of Playstation games. I did see Star Wars the day it came out (Dennis had an extra ticket) and I was fairly impressed. Not the best movie I ever saw, but pretty good, especially in the context of the series. Now I'm just waiting for Austin Powers!

5/16 - Ahh, back home in Racine. The semester flew by. A good time was had by all. Now it's back to the Journal Times for a few months to make some money. As usual, half of the staff has changed since I was there last, but what's new? On the agenda - check out the new coaster as Great America and catch a few Train concerts. And of course spend my life fixing up Jeremy and Erick's house.

4/23 - Fairly busy lately. Last CS program due next Tuesday, as well as our project for CEE (it was pushed back a few weeks). Plus I should be working on a website for somebody in Racine. Other than all of that, things are going pretty good. Just over two weeks left at this place, which hopefully will go by quickly. I'm tired now, so more some other time.

4/8 - Looks like it's been a few weeks. Did the usual BC on the physics test below. Went home last weekend for Easter which was a nice little break. Got to check out Dennis and Becky's house, which was nice (and big!). Tuesday I turned in my second to last CS program of the year, which sure felt good. Nothing too major coming up, other than the second part of the project for my CEE (engineering) class, which is due next Tuesday.

BTW, I made a few updates to the Rolling Stones pages. Take a look if you like that sorta thing...

3/25 - Not a whole lot going on. Had a physics text on Monday which seemed to go fairly well (have not gotten it back yet) and a CS program due on Tuesday, which went well. Next thing to worry about is a math exam. Shit.

3/14 - Spring break? Whatever you want to call it, I'm back from it. Not too bad - worked a few days and did some stuff around Racine. Just put up some Xmas lights here in the room, which brighten it up here under the bed. Also brought up some area rugs - this place is actually pretty homey now.

My next decision seems to be whether to get more RAM (64 to 128) or a Rage 128 graphics card. The RAM is a lot less exciting, but probably more useful. I checked out Quake on our new G3 at work (which has a Rage 128) and it was pretty slick. Of course I just got an out of memory message while trying to preview this page, so...:)

2/27 - Wow - two updates in as many weeks. Not much going on. I should probably be doing my CS program for Tuesday. Next week should be pretty easy, with no exams and a trip to Rudd Lighting in Racine on Friday. Then I'm off for a week! Lets see how much time I spend at work...

Brian just got a new stereo, so I've been busy cranking it while he's been gone this weekend. I'm talking 'bout the Midnight Rambler! We need some more shelves or something in this room! A couch would be nice too (but where?!).

I just added some information on the music page about finding early Stones tracks in stereo. I also updated the friends page.

2/20 - Keeping busy. Classes are going alright - math sucks as usual, but my engineering classes are pretty cool. My birthday (the 16th) wasn't any great shakes, but Zach did get me Austin Powers, which rocks.

I've reposted the 1996 WFS web site, so you can check it out down below. Also, if I get around it I'll probably add some stuff to the music page regarding the Stones - I've been trying (successfully, even) to get a lot of their early stuff in stereo.

Oh, and Anna quit. She will be missed...

1/29 - Webpage? Oh, yea...sorry for the lack of updates. Well, I'm back at school, keeping *very* busy, between classes and er, um, other interests. I'm in Tripp, rooming with Brian Klidies, who is pretty cool. I've got some cool neighbors, who know some more cool people, so the list goes on...

Back in Racine, I found out that we *finally* got a salesperson at the JT, so hopefully things will work out. Dennis is now full time, and lots of new computers (G3s and iMacs) just came today, so I may have to make a trip home one of these days...

For XMas I got plenty of cool stuff, including a Nikon N70 SLR (Single Lens Reflex - you can switch lenses, etc) camera, which is awesome. This Simpsons calendar just rocks as well. Also, the radio show (see below) went pretty good; the DJ was a bit uptight, but oh well. A good time was had by all.


11/20 - Well, what's new - I haven't updated in awhile...at any rate, just hanging in there. Looks like about 2 months of freedom left till school starts. A mixed bag, I guess. Anna, Dennis and I are holding down the fort over at RACINE County.com - it's working out pretty good. Oh, for all of you in the greater Milwaukee area, be sure to tune in to 96.5/WKLH on Wednesday, December 9th - I'll be on "Hey Mom, I'm On 'KLH." Basically me on the air for an hour playing some cool songs and sounding like an idiot... It should be fun, though, and I plan on playing some stuff that most people probably have not heard before.

9/29 - Oops...looks like I haven't touched this in awhile! At any rate, we finally hired a new Online Coordinator - Anna Greene. Anna is just a wiz on the design side of things, which works out well since I am constantly progressing on the tech side. We are currently trying to get some type of automated news system up and running - any help would be appreciated!

8/7 - Workin' hard. We still don't have a replacement for my old boss, so I'm taking up the slack on the technical end of things and our salesperson Dave is working extra hard. As per below, I'll be taking the fall semester off, but shall return in the spring.

7/26 - Yes indeed! I finally registered and set up lukpac.org! The Internic lowered the registration price to $70, and it seemed like the thing to do, so... Other than that, just keeping busy at work, among other things.

7/12 - Keeping busy, especially with work. My boss suddenly quit last week, so I've been taking over some of the administration type stuff - registering domain names, dealing with clients a bit more, etc...

6/5 - Well, school is done for the year, and I'm back in Racine working. The semester was not very good to me, but there is always next year. I've been enjoying my time back in Racine, working 40 hours a week and doing stuff like working on my bike (getting all that Madison winter off of it). Tomorrow I leave for a trip - rafting, then several days at the beach in South Carolina. I'm not complaining!

In other news, I made some updates to the music page a few weeks ago. Take a look. Also, keep a look out for information about getting a copy of Live At Leeds Complete!

5/3 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Today our floor had our big cookout. Crappy weather, a wierd DJ, and mediocre food. Oh well! Our room is now de-lofted, so we are a bit more cramped, but it's all good! Just under 2 weeks left to study, relax, go crazy, and get ready to go home.

4/20 - Back from another great weekend. Worked at the ESTEAM program for engineering on Saturday, which was pretty fun. Yesterday I headed over to Milwaukee for a record show and stops at some local record stores, but as usual I didn't find anything good.

4/12 - Back from a nice Easter weekend. Got the program done (enough), thankfully. Now I have to study my ass off for Calc 234 - exam on Thursday. Other than that, I'm looking to a fairly relaxing week.

4/9 - well, I finally started my CS program. Hopefully I'll be able to make some good progress before it's due date on Friday. In other news, I've been hanging out with a bunch of people on the floor a lot lately, something I should have been doing a long time ago. They are really a bunch of cool people, something I have now reflected on my friends page.