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It's that time of year again - when most of the country switches from Daylight Savings to Standard time. It's also when all kinds of people feel the need to whine: "Oh, we need to get rid of Daylight Savings Time, I just *hate* having to change my clocks twice a year." Give me a break. Like it is really that hard, especially when things like computers and VCRs change themselves these days. Today I was reminded *why* we have DST. I'll gladly take an extra hour of sunlight over not having to change my clocks twice a year. Hell, if it were up to me, we'd have DST all year 'round - having it be dark when people get out of work is just WRONG (unless you work some loser shift or something).

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It's nice when things just work out.

The other day I set up my Linux box as a Samba/Netatalk server, so Amy and I could easily exchange files (think digital photos), and so I could get a few things off my hard drive. Everything works great, except my Mac only has 10Base-T ethernet, which makes transferring 1.5 gigs worth of stuff a pain. Last night we stopped at CompUSA to see if they had any 10/100 cards. They did, but the only one that said it worked with Macs (an Asanté) was $30 - $10 more than all the others. We decided we'd pass for the moment.

Upon coming home, I started looking around for cards, since I knew I had a bunch. Well, turns out all the cards (seemingly) were 10B-T only. So much for that idea. I looked on Pricewatch, and found one for $16. Good deal, but I figured I'd wait on it.

This morning, while putting some things away, I found a few more cards. One was an ethernet card. A 10/100 card. An Asanté card. Hmmm. I went to Asanté's website, and they claimed to have Mac drivers for it. I downloaded and installed them, then installed the card. What do you know - free 10/100 card. A pleasant surprise.

Now I just need a 10/100 hub...

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Finally, a few pictures of our dogs. Click on them for larger versions.
Maybe later I'll post some pictures of the new guest bedroom.

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Woman gives birth to her own granddaughters

I'm sorry, but that's just WRONG.

BTW, thanks to Pauline and Narf, I've got Veggie Tales stuck in my head. Be thankful if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Anyone else watch Trading Spaces? They do some pretty dumb things on that show. Something from a show I saw yesterday really stood out, though. They were working on a living room, and the designer had the idea to make it into something that resembled a circus tent. If that weren't bad enough, she wanted to turn the couple's furniture from white into magenta - BY PAINTING IT. Mind you, this was *cloth* covered furniture (not wood or wicker or something) - a couch, some comfy chairs, etc. Why would anybody in their right mind paint upholstered furniture, regardless of color?

Lucky for the homeowners, the furniture got trashed when a tarp blew away and rain ruined it during the night. They got brand new furniture, this time with magenta slip covers. Just a slightly better idea...

Amy's quote of the day: "I think you traumacated the dogs."

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Erin my dear, your sinus problems are nothing new to me. You should just feel lucky that said problems only happen when you are sick. If you knew the amount of tissue I go though (as Zach and Amy surely do)...

Once I find some new batteries for this digital camera I'll blog and post a few pictures. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.

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It's been a damn busy two days. In the last 48 hours I've:
  • painted a ceiling
  • rewired three ceiling fans (so you can turn the light on and off with the wall switch and not have the fan go off)
  • installed (most of) a parquet floor
  • cleaned
  • tried to entertain two dogs
I need a rest. And a drink.

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It's one thing to wake up with a kink in your neck. It is quite another to wake up feeling fine, and then turn to one side and suddenly get a kink. That's what happened this morning. I could barely move my head the first hour or so I was up. It's a wee bit better now, but probably only because I popped three ibuprofen. Time to lie down for a bit.

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The Simpsons Archive

Vital stats:
DOB 2/16/79. I'm a web developer at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. I like lots of old music, including The Who. I spend a lot of time working with computers. And my favorite TV show (when I actually decide to watch TV, that is), obviously, is The Simpsons.

In May 2002 I officially graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in computer science. In 1997 (man that seems like a long time ago) I graduated from Washington Park HS. Yes, I know, that site isn't very impressive, and no, I haven't touched it for several years.

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One of the best experiences I have ever had was on a trip called Western Field Studies. This is a 33 day adventure throughout the western United States. Students travel on a school bus to national parks, monuments, forests, and places of historical interest and camp out (in tents or under the stars). I was a part of trip 25, which took place in the summer of 1996. A first for WFS was we took along a laptop computer and kept up a web site. That link will take you to the 1996 site, where there is a link to the current site.