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Well, it's a sad day for Who fans. Yesterday John Entwistle, the Who's bassist, died of an apparent heart attack at the age of 57. The band was about to start their new tour today. Needless to say this was quite unexpected. CNN has a story.

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We had a fairly "fun-filled" weekend. The better part of both Saturday and Sunday was spent either in or around the pool. It was quite nice. The weather actually is starting to feel like summer - I believe it hit 90 or so yesterday and is supposed to do that same today.

Not too much else going on, I don't think. August 20th looks like it's going to be an interesting day - the Rolling Stones' entire early catalog is being reissued then, as is the Who's first album. Amy doesn't seem too happy about all of this.

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Everybody gets spam - I get several every day. Usually I just pass them on to Spam Cop without even thinking about it. However, this one made me do a "WHAT THE F***?!" :

From: Farmgirl29287
Subject: Real ZOO web site, welcome! ID

The BEST zoo site on the @net!
Sex With Dogs
Horse Blow Jobs.
Snake Fuck.
Not only is this one of the strangest things I've ever seen, but it came to my CS/school account, of all places.

I'm going to go wash my eyes now.

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You see something new every day...

Right now the I-39/90/94 / US-151 interchange in Madison is in the middle of being rebuilt. As a side effect of this, the Northbound I-90 to Southbound US-151 ramp (one of the cloverleafs) is currently closed - there are barricades up and the road itself it just a mess of broken asphalt. Well, the DOT, in their infinite wisdom, has NO "detour" signs up and the only "ramp closed" sign is at the ramp itself. As such, if drivers don't know ahead of time that they have to get off on Northbound US-151 and then turn around at the Nelson Road exit, they have to go all the way up to US-51 and turn around, which is another 2-3 miles to the north.

Well, yesterday we saw something really funny. Somebody indeed wanted to get on Southbound US-151 from Northbound I-90, and rather than drive up to US-51, they decided to take the ramp ANYWAY. Yes, folks, first they went around the big barricade that says "RAMP CLOSED" and then proceeded to drive on pavement that looks like it could have come from Afghanistan.

Some people are just determined, I guess.

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I guess I lucked out. After being sick for about a day and getting a night of sleep, I felt much better. I'm still blowing my nose a lot, but what else is new...

Not too much else to report. I picked up the new "Ultimate Collection" of The Who yesterday. As was expected, it's a great package totally ruined by the mastering.

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Speaking of not having fun while sick - now I feel like shit. I've been blowing more, and just feel very drained. Hopefully this will go away quickly. I suppose I should hit the sack soon and let nature run its course.

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We saw Star Wars the other day. I didn't think it was too bad; Amy thought it really sucked. Personally, I find the story interesting, but there was a lot of fluff and bad acting. There was a "fight" sequence that was basically 15 or 20 minutes of wasted film, IMO. Yoda is Mr. Bad-ass, then goes back to using the cane. Plus, I found the storyline a bit too convoluted - certain things weren't fleshed out enough. Oh well.

My Amy is feeling a lot better than she was a few days ago. That's good. Being sick isn't fun.

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Well, once again, my poor Amy is sick. And, just like last time, she decided to be stubborn and go to work when she shouldn't have. Although, to her credit, it was only for about an hour. She slept all morning, went to work for about an hour, then slept all afternoon.

I think everyone should tell Amy you want her to get better, but at the same time, tell her she shouldn't go to work when she's so sick that she has to sleep 8 hours during the day. That's a lot, even for her!

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Not much to report these days. Nothing has turned up in the job search so far. I have been able to do some audio work on the computer that I wouldn't have been able to do before, though.

I still haven't seen Star Wars. I'd like to see it eventually, but I won't be crushed if it gets put off. While I like the original movies, I was never a big fan of them, and Episode I certainly wasn't anything to write home about.

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Ok, so I've finally added a little comments feature here. It's not that pretty right now, but maybe some day I'll spice it up a bit. This means you have to stop yelling at me, Brian.

Not too much else going on. Derek left on Saturday, and it was a long weekend. Lots of cleaning. And lots more to do.

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