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Today I wrote what is hopefully the last paper of my college career. Well, I should tidy up some stuff on another paper that's pretty much done, but that won't be a big deal. Next I have two more CS projects, then finals. I so want to be done with everything.

The other day I was thinking about my time here in Madison and what went up to it, etc... It's been almost five years since I started here, and even longer than that since I planned on going here. I remember coming up with my mom and checking out Ogg Hall, thinking it was kind of crappy (it was and is - that's why I picked Witte). I remember chemistry and Professor Beck freshman year (man that guy was an idiot). I remember...well, the list goes on. Sometimes that stuff seems like it was ages ago, and other times I think "has it *really* been that long?" It's been almost 9 years since I took a little mini-tour of campus for my high school freshman history class. Wow.

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Gee, the end of yet another weekend. Damn. Yesterday we made another trip down to Racine to see my family. I finally got the new front license plate on the car - the damn bolts were rusted on, and I had to break them off to get the old plate off. My dad and I had to do a little engineering to get the new plate on. We also visited my grandparents. Luckily my grandpa looked a lot better than he did the last time we saw him. He's lost a bit of hair but doesn't look too bad. Hopefully he will continue to improve.

After Racine we went up to Milwaukee to visit friends. After a late dinner we finally made it back to Madison. Lately I've been getting up around 8 on the weekends, but today I slept till noon or so.

Is school done with yet?

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Another Friday is upon us, thankfully. Tomorrow is a trip down to Racine to visit with family, then up to Milwaukee to see friends.

One of these years I will have to update my Live At Leeds Complete page. I just haven't had the time (or the interest) lately. Of course, the same goes for burning various CDs for friends of mine. I'd like to do some things with this website in general, actually, but again, it's just a matter of finding the time, then sitting down and doing it.

Only a few more weeks to go. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I'm sick of having bumps in the road. I don't think this university likes to make things easy...

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Sorry I haven't blogged recently. Haven't been on the computer that much, and when I have I just haven't felt like writing.

I am very ready for the school year to be over. I've just felt very "blah" lately in regards to school. I want to be done.

I don't think I have too much else to report. Just want to make it another month...

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Yet another day of record-setting temperatures. I like it. I guess it got to 87 yesterday in Madison. I just wish it would stay like this all the time.

Most of my time today and tomorrow will most likely be spent working on my CS project due tomorrow. I really don't want have to worry about it. But I do.

Assuming the deans office doesn't screw me over, I'll be done with school in just over a month. That just seems kind of strange. Yesterday I was getting some resume stuff together.

Ahh, well. Time to leave the nice air-conditioned lab and go to class.

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What a nice day today. Sunny and in the '60s.

I don't try to make this a place for endorsements, but if you're looking for bike sales or service, check out Village Peddler in Monona. Amy's been looking for a bike recently, so we've hit a number of stores in the Madison area. We were prepared to go with another store, but Amy happened to call this place up. Turns out they had a good price on the bike she was looking for, so we made the trip. When we got there, we found the bike she was looking for, but one of the salespeople said "oh, come outside, we've got some cheaper bikes out there." Outside were last year's models. The only differences were a slightly different paint job, a different seat, and slightly different shifters (and Amy actually liked the shifters on the old model better). Amy gave it a ride, and while the bike itself was fine, the seat just wasn't cutting it. The guy threw on another seat they had there, which didn't work either. He then said something to the effect of "would this bike do it for you if it had the seat from this year's model?" and promptly put on that seat. It did do it for Amy, and they let her go with that (better) seat at no extra cost. And the bike was $20 cheaper than the new model!

But, yes, great prices and very helpful service. I was impressed.

Now, the bike story isn't over, though. Once Amy got the bike we decided to ride around Lake Monona with Erin and Ruppert. Going through Monona itself was kind of a pain (you have to go on streets rather than trails), but once we got back on trail it was great. Somewhere around 17 miles (we made a few side trips), and even Amy made it. I'm proud of her. Now we just have to do it again!

Of course, Amy's quote for the day was "OWWW, my ass!"

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It looks like another nice day has come upon us. Warm and sunny out. Give me more!

My partner and I finished our CS project today. That felt good. Just a few more of those to go.

It looks like this weekend Amy and I are going to try to go biking. I really need to get back into riding. I think a mini-project for me is going to be building some type of bike rack for the truck bed. We'll see how quickly that gets done.

Ahh, the weekend. Time to do a little relaxing. I need it.

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Yesterday was kind of a crappy day. A lot of semi-crappy things coming together to produce one big crappy day. On the plus side it was very nice out, but that couldn't make up for the rest of things. I just want school to be done with, I want to be able to make my own decisions without always having them questioned, and I just want to relax. Sometimes I feel like I can't tell certain people things because if I do it just causes me stress. Of course, it also causes me stress feeling like I can't say anything. Blargh.

At least it's almost the weekend. And the nice weather has continued. I hope it stays like this for awhile (ie, till fall).

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I've wanted a Titanium Powerbook for some time now - well, since they've come out. That screen is just a killer. However, I just saw what has to be the most amazing laptop screen I've ever seen. A Sony Vaio with a 16.1" screen, maximum resolution of 1600x1200. And, at that resolution, everything is amazingly crisp and clear - not hard to read at all.

I think I'm in love.

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Yesterday was the end of a VERY long weekend. It was Zach's wedding, and I was the best man, so the weekend was filled with all that fun stuff. Things went pretty good, I think, it's just that I felt like I was running non-stop. Anyway, it's over. My best man gift was a Palm Pilot, so now I can pretend to keep myself organized. We'll see how long this lasts...

With that out of the way, the only real thing I have to worry about is school and graduation. Only a few more weeks. And then...we'll see.

But, yeah, congratulations, Zach and Katie.

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Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything - the room temperature, your covers, your position in bed, etc. - just seems perfect? Where you think "I could lie here forever"? After having pretty crappy sleep for the past week and a half, I had one of those perfect mornings this morning. And, of course, this was the first time in as long when I actually *had* to get up. Damn school.

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