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Ok, the roll of film is finished. I took a few too many pictures of ducks yesterday to finish it up, but oh well. There are some nice pictures of Amy and I that I will need to scan in. First I have to do some homework, though.

So, the stereo got sent out, but they sent it to Racine. Idiots. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to run down to Racine this weekend.

Last night I made dinner. Salmon plus some stuff to go with it. Other than having problems with Amy's grill, everything went pretty good I think. I always love that salmon.

Ok, time to run to class now.

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Well, I *still* haven't finished that roll of film. Damn it. Maybe tomorrow somehow. If I'm lucky I'll be able to scan in the last roll this afternoon. We'll see.

Hopefully the stereo will come soon. I think it should be shipped out by now.

Classes are going fairly well, although I need to get some work out of the way. I've already got a few CS projects, plus some other stuff... I should really print that stuff out now.

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It's funny - previously I'd be happy if I updated my news once a month. Now if I don't post anything for four days it seems like a long time.

Well, my first week of classes seemed to go pretty good. Nothing too terrible. Hopefully the workload won't be a problem.

So, I ordered the stereo. Hopefully that will come sooner than later. Although, I haven't been using my car much lately at all, so maybe it's not that big of a deal. Although, it would be nice to have that stereo in the truck.

Does anyone want to buy me a film scanner? I went to use one at the library the other day and it was slow as hell. They've got another newer model there which I'll have to use next time - hopefully that one will be faster. I've been taking a fair number of pictures lately and would like to get many of them scanned in. Film scanners are COOL.

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Ok, so I've had two days of classes now. My Wednesdays are going to be interesting, as I only have one class, at 9:55. Yesterday (Tuesday, first day) went fairly well, I think. One of my CS teachers seems a bit, well, not sure of himself, but the other one seems quite good. And I think maybe I'll even make it through Spanish.

No real news on the car, other than I've found that model online for $150. I think I'm going to order one. And, if the old one turns out to still work (with a new faceplate), Amy might just buy a faceplate for it ($100) and put it in the truck. We shall see. I really liked that stereo...

Not too much else going on, I don't think. I've got a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks that I need to scan in, plus I need to take a few more pictures and get this roll developed and scanned. Maybe by the end of this weekend...

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Well, my weekend turned out to have its share of crappy stuff. Yesterday we get back to my apartment (after having not been there for a few days) to pick up my car, as we were taking a few people with us and we wouldn't all fit in the truck. Well, I get to the car and it's unlocked. Mind you, I *never* leave a car unlocked - it's like an instinct to lock the doors when I leave. Ok, open the door. Sure enough, somebody broke in and tried to steal the stereo. My brand new kick ass stereo.

Mind you I say "tried to". Well, they broke some plastic trim, bent one of the mounting brackets for the stereo, and took the faceplate. They didn't get the stereo itself out, nor did they take the remote control, which was sitting in plain view on the middle console.

Now, I don't know what I'm more pissed about. The fact that people broke into my car and took my faceplate, or the fact that they were so dumb they couldn't get the stereo itself out *and* left the remote there.

I guess new faceplates run $125-175, and since the stereo is a bit cracked now, I think I'm just going to end up buying a new one anyway. I really liked that stereo...

Other than that it was a great weekend. Oh, and classes started today. I guess I'll have to blog about that later.

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Ok, so it's about two thirds of the way through a three day weekend. As usual, everything has become kind of a blur. That's a good thing, of course. Today we avoided watching the Packers shoot themselves in the collective foot and instead went out driving, going up through Sauk Prarie, stopping at Devil's Lake, then going through the Dells and Portage. It was a fair amount of driving. We did get some decent pictures out of it, however.

Before all of that we got up early and had brunch. That was interesting, as brunch had been a girls-only thing up to this point, but today the guys were invited along (which is a story in and of itself). Well, turns out one of the girls really didn't like it that the guys were invited (me, in particular, I believe), so things got a bit touchy. Oh well, it's not really my concern, and I really don't care.

Anyway, it's been a great weekend so far. I'm just not entirely looking forward to starting school again, as I've become very content in the world I've been in recently. Oh well, I should only have to worry about school for another few months.

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It's Saturday now. But guess what - I didn't have to wait for Saturday! No, I decided to head back up to Madison after dinner on Friday. And I'm glad I did. Not only do I not have to worry about driving up Saturday morning, but I'm here, now. This is a good thing.

Anyway, I should probably get to bed now. I have a feeling it will be a long weekend. Which will be followed by (hopefully) my last first week of the semester. Nothing seems quite real right now... But that's a good thing.

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Well, today is more than likely my last day working for the paper, ever. Tomorrow I'm going back to school, and then after that I will most likely stay in Madison. It's been about 5 1/2 years since I started here. Wow. Of course I wasn't here while in Madison and such (just summers and breaks and stuff), but... It seems weird to think that I won't be back here again. Well, I'm sure I will stop in to say hi and go out to lunch with people or something, but I won't be back here working at all. Strange...

Well, one more day till I go back to Madison. There's no school on Monday, and Amy took that day off, so we'll have a nice three day weekend before school starts. Nice, very nice.

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Only two more days and I'll be back in Madison. Nice.

Yesterday I had a nice dinner over at the grandparents' house. Then I got to do some electrical work for my grandpa. Being the family electrician is fun. Well, it's fun as long as you don't have to twist 4 12 gauge wires together. That's not too fun. It all worked, though...

Is it Saturday yet?

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Not much happening around here. I've spent most of the last few days doing some redesign work on Amy's website. Nothing too major, but I do think it looks nicer than it did before. Go take a look.

I don't think I have too many other deep thoughts at the moment (as if the above were deep thoughts). I'm just doing fairly good right now, and will be doing even better when I get back to Madison.

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Ok, back from a long weekend in Madison. And what a good weekend it was. I don't think there was any particular thing, but I just felt very good at the end of it. Which is always good. One more week here in Racine, then I'll be back up in Madison for the semester. And possibly indefinitely. That would be nice.

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Pictures are up here.

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It's finally Thursday. Thankfully. Only a few more hours and I'll be on my way to Madison. Yeah!

The other day I scanned in some recent pictures. I'll probably post them shortly.

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On one hand I wish it was a week and a half from now. I'd be back up at school.

On the other hand I just wish it was May 20th. At that point I would (hopefully) be done with school.

In either case, I kind of wish it wasn't right now. Oh well. Wednesday is almost over, which means Thursday is that much closer, which means it's that much closer to me going up to Madison. Taking 10 hour days once and a while does have its advantages.

The past is a weird thing. To a certain extent it doesn't matter at all. That's most of it, I think. However, sometimes certain past events will just make one go "hmmmmm, what exactly should I make of that?" I could go into it a lot more here, but I don't think I will.

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Grammar lesson #3.

use vs. used

This one is a bit more complicated than some of the previous entries, but I'll give it a shot.

use (n) - Similar to purpose. An example is "a use of gold is for making coins."

use (v) - To carry out an action. I.e., "when making coins, I use gold instead of silver."

used (1) - More or less another form of use. I.e., "the last time I made coins, I used gold" (the past tense of use). Or, "gold is used to make coins."

used (2) - Here's where some people get confused. This form of used means familiar, accustomed, etc. I.e., "I am used to going to work each day" in place of "I am accustomed to going to work each day." One mistake many people make is they will say "use" instead of "used". I.e., "I am use to going to work each day." That's not right.

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So, I've decided to take a month off of Pat. Yep, no Pat shows for a month. This would be fine, if not for the fact that 1) last night Pat finally played Substitute, which I've been asking him to play for several months, and 2) everyone, Pat included, feels the need to make a big deal of it and rub it in. Is it a sign of obsession when half the topic of conversation is "Luke wasn't there"?

In other news, the weekend was for the most part very good. Ended up staying very busy. Went to the Safe House in Milwaukee, which was pretty cool. Maybe not as cool as some of my friends wanted me to think it was, but... Also took some pictures. Hopefully I'll have a nice new one of Amy to post in a few days.

The only bad part of the weekend was the usual, but what else is new?

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Grammar lesson #2.

its vs. it's

it's - contraction for "it is". I.e., "It's going to be a long day" instead of "it is going to be..."

its - possessive form of "it". I.e., "I took my car to the shop because its headlight was burned out" instead of "I took my car to the shop because my car's headlight..."

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Well, for the most part, this past weekend turned out to be pretty good. Well, that is, in spite of my mom's aunt dying and having a bit too much fun on New Year's. Other than that, though, it was a very good weekend that felt much longer than it really was. Normally the drive from Madison to Racine drags a bit, but last night I was just in a good state of mind and it went by quickly. I think it's a good sign when simply being around somebody makes you feel good...

Well, I'm back to work for a few weeks. Exciting. Well, not really, but it is something to do.

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DOB 2/16/79. I'm a web developer at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. I like lots of old music, including The Who. I spend a lot of time working with computers. And my favorite TV show (when I actually decide to watch TV, that is), obviously, is The Simpsons.

In May 2002 I officially graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in computer science. In 1997 (man that seems like a long time ago) I graduated from Washington Park HS. Yes, I know, that site isn't very impressive, and no, I haven't touched it for several years.

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